A race of sorcerers whose defeat by Gluskap is recounted in the myth of the Algonkian Indians.

Who’s Who in non-classical mythology . . 2014.

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  • Algonkian Indian Creation Legends —    One of the myths of this tribe of North American Indians tells how Manibozho, their culture hero, took refuge on a mountain when a great lake overflowed and submerged the world. He sent out three messengers in succession, a raven, an otter,… …   Who’s Who in non-classical mythology

  • Gluskap —    Benign culture hero of the Algonkian Indians as opposed to his twin brother Maslum. In the Creation Legend of the Algonkians is told how after the death of their mother Gluskap formed the solar system and the human race out of her body, while… …   Who’s Who in non-classical mythology

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